Good Evening, Blogosphere.

It begins. My foray into the world of online journalism ( or storytelling, or incessant barking, or whatever you choose to call it) begins tonight.

I’ve put it off for so long because of fear. A fear of commitment perhaps, a fear of failure, a fear of leaving such a permanent mark on what is an ever-changing, ever-mystifying, medium. But now, I feel as though I’m ready.

That’s probably because I finally feel I have something to blog about, even though the material was actually right there in front of me all along. This blog will be about my journey as a young journalism student trying to make sense of the world around me. You can expect to see the stories I complete for my Fundamentals of Reporting class at Carleton University’s School of Journalism posted here each week, as well as my reflections on each piece. In a sense, this blog is a venue for me to record what I’m learning, and a catalyst that will force me to actively seek out and keep track of resources that will help me to learn even more.

It will not be an easy journey. I will forget to blog. I will be too busy to blog. I will blog about things that frankly, no one besides myself will really find interesting. But in spite of all these growing pains, I will learn to bridge the online gap– and hopefully, save my own hide in the competitive world of journalism job-hunting which I am soon to enter.

The time is now! Welcome to the (r)ave.


6 thoughts on “Good Evening, Blogosphere.

  1. Andrea says:

    I was a chronic journaller (yes, it is a verb in my world) for about 8 years. I thought that somehow, someday I would be able to piece all the bits together and create a map that could lead me home. Instead, I collected all 26 journals together – read each one – and then threw them in the dumpster behind my apartment complex on garbage day. It was a very liberating feeling – letting go of the past. All that weight. Words can weigh so heavy.(Especially when you take your journals with you across countries and from apartment to apartment). In the on-line world I fear that words might be even heavier… can you ever throw them out? Is it possible to ever hit “delete”? Aren’t you worried that your blog will part of your resume… on the job market and in life? I think I am too afraid to blog… not without a virtual dumpster! You are (br) ave.

    • averiemac says:

      Morgan: thanks!
      Andrea: actually, this blog is sort of a career experiment in itself! I’m required to do it for class, but I also think that this will be helpful on my resume. In the future, there probably won’t be a job for me that doesn’t include blogging or social media of some sort. May as well start now! Totally get your qualms though. Personal rant blogs= very dangerous in some senses.

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