When Life (School) Gets in the Way of Meaningful Blogging

Ever tried to re-write a municipal drainage story to make it sound less confusing and more useful? Ever tried to do that while simultaneously preparing for an interview with an award-winning filmmaker who is also your Journalism Idol? Ever tried doing both of those things while also chasing a story on the Salvation Army and preparing a women’s lit essay about infantilization in “The Yellow Wallpaper” by Charlotte Perkins Gillman all at the same time?

Folks, needless to say I will not be posting my story this week. But I thought I’d check in to the blogosphere anyways. I’m learning some very interesting things about balancing life as a journalism student. It’s a constant battle I find.

One week– It all goes perfectly. You have your story lined up right away, all your sources say yes, you have little-to-no-work in your non-journalism life…

Then the next week, it hits you like a ton of bricks and you find yourself asking, “why am I not doing a lit degree again?”

Ah yes, the simple life of a lit student, or a psych student, or a polisci student. They go to class, break, eat lunch with people, do essays, go to events they aren’t covering for something… (what a novel idea)!  I must admit– I envy them. Yet I know that they too can have crazy schedules just like me.

I have found it all depends on the person. I could definitely be less busy– even as a journalism student– if I wanted to be. But, like my father says, it’s in my blood to be busy. He and I, and my mother too,  are creatures of “busy”. We thrive on it. We live for it. And while I sometimes wish I was a faceless lit student who did nothing but read books and party**, I know that it would take about two minutes for me to realize that lifestyle wouldn’t cut it.

And that is why I’m still truckin’. And that is you may often find rambly excuses for posts here in weeks where there simply is less time for personal ventures like blogging.

If there’s one thing I’ll always be– it’s honest. I didn’t really have time to even write this. And yet– because I love to write– I chose to blog right now instead of relaxing/ sleeping. Which is probably what I needed more at this point. I have a sneaky feeling that (as my reporting prof pointed out today) it’s only going to get “worse” in the years to come. The crazy busy lifestyle, the sleepless nights. Yet I’m still here. And I’m so very happy to be.

For now, let me leave you with two things that are currently inspiring me.

This– is a hint towards upcoming news and posts from me.

This– is a really cool student-run music website that I adore and that keeps me current, even though I rarely have time to actually listen to the great finds it prescribes.


Check them out, and forgive my lack of journalistic content this week.


*** Please note that in no way am I suggesting that lit students ( or psych or polisci students) are not productive, or cannot be as busy as anyone else. In fact I know quite a few people who would prove the opposite case. What I mean to say is that in comparison to what my week looks like, their schedules are probably a lot more predictable.

I’m not complaining– I’m tracking my evolution as a journalist. And part of that includes dealing with stress and unpredictability– on a very regular basis. You feel me classmates?


4 thoughts on “When Life (School) Gets in the Way of Meaningful Blogging

  1. jordanfallis111 says:

    That post was awesome Averie! I feel the same way. Couldn’t live the life all my friends live here in my house. But I have a feeling if I was in their position, I’d probably still work as hard as I am now just because… well, because it’s in my blood, like you said haha.

  2. the esophagus says:

    I equate our journalistic lifestyle to High School Musical… you know it’s terrible for your well-being and is slowly ruining your soul, but you just can’t pull yourself away. So I’ve come to just embrace it – the boulder on our shoulders, A-Mac.

    PS. Sometimes I ask myself why I am not doing a lit degree. Then I remember that I am and I hate myself a little bit.

    PPS. “Yellow Wallpaper” = MESSED UP.

  3. Paul Maclennan says:

    I read you’re post. It made me think a about my time at University. Being busy is fantastic but don’t forget to get some sleep. Good luck with the rest of you’re studies. Macca.

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