A Fun Video While You Wait!

Ok folks, while you wait for some new journalistic content from yours truly ( I should be posting an update on my journalism idol project tomorrow sometime), I decided to post a fun video for you!

This may be the funniest youtube video you’ve seen all year. My roommate recently showed it to me and I CANNOT get over it. If you have ever studied economics in ANY detail (for me it’s only from having it worked in to so many Polisci classes) you will LOVE this video comparing the theories of John Maynard Keynes and his good buddy F.A. Hayek.

It’s a hilarious, yet completely accurate and informative summary of ¬†laissez-faire vs. Keynesian economics and I really hope you enjoy it.

** NOTE** I know this is not “journalistic” in any way, but it does get one thinking about inventive ways to present rather “boring” content, which is what we journalists must do with many stories– (i.e. my unposted Municipal Drainage issues story which I must somehow make interesting before I can post it here.)

Let me know what you think of the video!



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