City Hall Adventure– Take Two

Hello Blogosphere!

Well, as some may remember, I had a pretty rough story come out of my first experience covering city hall this semester (municipal drainage issues–ring a bell anyone?), but a few weeks ago, I was forced to give city hall another shot. Here’s the scoop.

The Assignment: Cover a city committee meeting or do a story on a municipal issue.

The Story: I decided to cover the transportation committee meeting on Wednesday, Feb. 3,  even though it seemed like practically EVERYONE else in my class was too! Still, I did my homework and found what I thought was a pretty great story.

What I learned:

-I was really torn about whether to cover this meeting this week because I knew a lot of my classmates would be there covering it too. However, I learned that a little preparation can really help you get an edge in these instances. I knew the big story going into this meeting would be a new traffic roundabout proposed for suburb of  Orleans (I will not explain. LONG story.)

-However, after reading the agenda and doing some calling around, I discovered an issue that interested me more that arose from the meeting. So, instead of wading through all that roundabout planning stuff, I exercised my news judgment and pursued a story on a proposal for a new anti-nuisance bylaw that I found to be more and that wasn’t being covered by a million other people.

-I  learned the usefulness of doing an interview while a meeting goes on, and had a lot of time to do so because the roundabout issue took FOREVER.  This really saved me a lot of time instead of waiting around for the meeting to finish and trying to squeeze in interviews as people left.

-All in all, I learned not to be afraid when covering city hall. We students have as much a right to be there and use the available resources as everyone else!

check out the story  here:

Read and Enjoy!



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