Extra Credit?

Hey crew! I know I’ve posted twice in the same day, but that’s because I wanted to tell you all about a fabulous experience I had a while back that I didn’t get a chance to write about yet!

I’ve been doing some improv theatre on Tuesday nights with a local (AMAZING) group called Crush Improv and a few weeks ago, I made a great contact while I was there! I met Nancy Kenny, a fabulous young actress who is also in marketing with the Great Canadian Theatre Company. She’s passionate to opening up the theatre to more social media and bloggers and after learning that I was a journalism student, she invited me to my VERY FIRST MEDIA CALL!! here’s the details!

The assignment: go (independently) to the GCTC and cover a media call (preview for the media) about a brand new one-woman-show playing in Ottawa. Interview the show’s actor/creator and write a story that you can pitch to someone.

The story: d’bi.young.anitafrika’s one-ooman-story, blood.claat. The famous Jamaican-Canadian dub poet finally brings her successful coming-of-age play to Ottawa.

What I learned:

– I was completely doing this story of my own will and I decided to take some photos as well. I borrowed a camera from my school newspaper, but accidentally forgot to ask how to turn off the flash. When I got to the media call, we weren’t allowed to use flash and I had to sheepishly ask every professional cameraman present if they could help me. Thankfully, one of them did!

-I also learned that when doing media calls, it is best to keep your questions brief and to-the-point. I got some great quotes from d’bi, but I didn’t have time to cover my entire interview plan.

-Never turn down a freelance opportunity just because you’re busy. I may be forced to eat those words in the future, but I almost turned this story down because I was busy that week, and I’m really glad I did it. Thank you Nancy for inviting me!!

You can check out the story, which was published on Thursday Mar. 11 in my campus newspaper The Charlatan here!

Read, enjoy, and go see the show if you’re in Ottawa!



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