The Pulse!


Our very first newsroom day went swimmingly on Monday, allow me to give you the details.

The assignment: Our class was split down the middle into two separate news teams. The goal was to create two function news productions using wordpress complete with multimedia! Our first publication was a general news production focussed on Ottawa current events. It was an amazing feat, and we actually pulled it off!

The stories: This week I was a weeklong and sameday reporter. During the week, I covered the launch of a new graffiti prevention mural program in Ottawa, “Paint it Up!”, and for my first sameday story of the process, I covered the carleton version of a  national  campaign where business students live as though they are homeless for five days in order to raise awareness for youth homelessness, and fundraise for local youth charities. You can view both of them by checking out the link at the end of this article!

What I learned:

-It was so amazing to be working on a publication as a team. I loved knowing my stories were contributing to something bigger and the finished product was AMAZING to me.

-In terms of my same day story, I probably could have used a few less sources. I was a bit of a cheater and had some of my interviews set up before the actual newsroom day, so I ended up a little over-committed and couldn’t use a few of my sources.

-I really had to trust my editors this week, which was new and exciting. I also  learned a lot more about using this website, wordpress! Hopefully all of this trust and knowledge will prepare me for this week. I’m editor-in-chief!! Keep your eyes peeled for our next publication (it will have a special theme!!)

For now, check out our first finished product, read, and enjoy!!



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