The Pulse– Round 2!!

Well folks, we did it again!!

This Monday our team published our second online news publication, but this time, with a twist!!

I was editor-in-chief this week– a terrifying yet exhilerating experience. I’ve always been a “leader” but I’ve never been tested like this before, and I’m sure glad I had a stellar team of reporters and editors to back me up. Big ups to my production editor Courtney Hurley who made the site look fantastic!

Here’s the details:

The assignment: Co-ordinate a group of my peers to ensure a timely, engaging online publication focused around the theme of health. I had to oversee production, consult with reporters on their stories, assign sameday stories to be completed on Monday and make sure everything ran smoothly and the publication got posted. And I had to do it all with a smile on– a calm editor =a calmer newsroom. Or so I’d hoped.

The stories: The reporters came up with AMAZING ideas this week. Everything was health themed, but the stories ranged from U.S. health-care reform to a little known disease linked to heavy female periods! I was so proud of all their hard work. Check out my editorial for my written contribution to this week’s publication.

What I learned:

Communication is KEY as an editor. I literally called my editing team/reporters every day for one reason or another. You may be annoying them– but it leads to a better publication in the end in my opinion.

I learned to always have back-up hard news story ideas ready in case something falls through during the week. Many of our hard-hitting stories this week turned out to be more feature-type content and it helped to have hard news to use in the sameday stories.

I learned that you have to trust your gut judgment when people pitch stories to you. I feel confident about the decisions I made in helping people shape their stories through the week and I loved when people told me I had helped them out.

I also learned that it’s important to have your deadlines set out and communicated to everyone on the team the day before newsroom day. I think I could have been clearer/stricter with my multimedia teams’ deadlines and then they wouldn’t have felt rushed when they realized  they had to have their pieces in. They turned out great, but boy were they ambitious projects!! We almost didn’t get them posted properly on time!

Overall, I learned I have what it takes to effectively manage a news publication– and to think, only one year ago I could barely write a lead! Shows you what a great education I’m getting here at Carleton!

Check out our full publication here, and stay tuned for our last publication next monday with an alternative look at Ottawa news!

Read and Enjoy!



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