That’s a Wrap!

This Monday was one of the most bitter-sweet days I’ve had all year.

Multimedia Reporter Me!!

It was my final day of Fundamentals of Reporting J2201 C, the class for which I began this very blog!

But it was also our final production day for our same-day online publication, The Pulse and as such, I was a little too busy to get sentimental until later on that night (when much reminiscing was done over pizza and beer at The Prescott in Little Italy). Here’s the details on my final week of reporting this year!



The assignment:

This week I played multimedia reporter. A role I was not sure I would be able to fill effectively, to be honest. I really am a lame photographer, however, I learned a lot this week.  I had to come up with an idea that would add some visual flare to our online youth-oriented Ottawa-centred publication, and then produce the piece in one day.

The stories:

For my multimedia project, I teamed up with fellow reporter Courtney  Hurley. We had heard of a great young photographer in Ottawa, Frederic Sune, who is currently working on a year-long candid photoblog– a showcase of Ottawa from a new and interesting angle. Luckily, we were able to get in touch with him and he actually gave us an hour-long interview early Monday morning. We shot video, took pictures  and recorded an audio interview with him at a local Starbucks, which he refers to as his second office.

Our subject Frederic!To see our final video product, click here.

But of course, we  needed lots of written content for our final WordPress publication, so over the week leading up to Monday I also completed a print story on a new study from the UofT about fast food’s behavioural impact. I found the story by clicking through boingboing (amazing blogsite). Since I didn’t do a health story as editor-in-chief last week, I decided to take one on this week, but it ended up being about health from sort of from a different perspective. I was able to get in contact with some amazing sources, including the study’s lead author and the owner of a really cool and ethical marketing firm, Hypenotic. I even got an email response from legendary sociologist and author Gerry Ritzer, who wrote The McDonaldization of Society (although his response came 12 hours after my story was due)! The study I wrote about shows a link between fast food exposure to fast food culture and increased impatience in consumers.

You can read my story and the fabulous stories my classmates wrote this week in our final edition of The Pulse!

What I learned:

-As a multimedia reporter, I learned that even when you think a project will be simple and relatively straightforward, it usually isn’t! We were done shooting our video and gathering other material by 11 a.m. on Monday, but our finished product wasn’t posted until four-thirty p.m. We had tons of converting headaches and even when we finally posted it to youtube, it wouldn’t play the video until we converted it one more time. Here’s a thought, why do most digital video cameras these days capture in .avi if neither iMovie nor Windows Movie Maker really work well with that format? Anyway, we got it all fixed up and I learned a lot about the Ottawa photography scene from the lovely Frederic!

-As a print reporter, I learned a LOT about Canada’s slow food movement and was interested to discover that a lot of what I believe in about food ( but can’t always practice because I’m a frantic and completely impoverished university student) actually matches up with their philosphy. Check out Slow Food Canada for more details.

Slow Food Logo


Just because my semester is over does not mean my journalistic quest is over. Stay tuned here over the summer for more musings, updates, and (hopefully) freelance work!

As always,

Read (watch) and enjoy!



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