Every clipping counts

Hey Folks,

I should be in bed getting rid of my ridiculous cold. But before I retire I wanted to direct you over to a piece I did last semester that was just recently published as an online perspectives feature on my campus newspaper’s website, charlatan.ca. I am certainly not one to turn my nose up at an online clipping, and I’m really glad that I sent this off to my buddy Wyatt at the Charlatan so long ago, not knowing if it would ever see the light of day. The piece is an in-depth look at what many call the “Canadian Experience” issue. Immigrants come to Canada every year trying to make a better life for themselves, only to find that they cannot get a job that matches their skill level because they do not have “Canadian work experience.” How does one get the relevant Canadian work experience necessary for them to get a job if no Canadian employers in their field will offer them a job because they lack that very experience? That’s what I wanted to know! This feature was my crowning glory of first semester and I learned SO much while writing it.

Check it out by clicking here !!

Read and Enjoy!!



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