Chilling out…Christian Style!

It was my first stint as a reporter for a real-life community newspaper. Sure I’d written for Carleton’s student paper, The Charlatan, before, but nothing could compare to this!

My article would be hitting the doorsteps of 17,000 subscribers in a matter of days, and I desperately needed an idea!

Thankfully, while combing through the back pages of the Centretown Buzz, one afternoon in October, I found an interesting ad calling young people to come and learn the art of Christian meditation.

Now, it struck me that the words “Christian” and “Meditation” seemed slightly contradictory, since meditation is often a practice of Eastern religions, like bhuddism. So I decided I’d give this intriguing practice a try and seek out a few people who might be able to explain it more fully.

And so, my web exclusive article for Centretownnewsonline was born.


Faith-based stories, no matter how innocuous, are always difficult to approach. Questions arise in your head like: “How much of my own faith should I share with a source?” or “How can I explain this deep spiritual process in a way that will interest non-believers and believers alike?”

In general, I had a great time with this story, and I found that the above questions resolved themselves naturally as I worked with sources and learned more about the practice of Christian meditation. I had really nice, helpful sources, and learned about something completely new! What more could a young journo ask for!?

Although it didn’t end up “hitting” subscribers’ doorsteps physically, my story was instead published as a web exclusive, meaning I can still use it as a clipping! Hooray!

You Check out the full story here.

Read and Enjoy!



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