Year Three — Miss me?

Hi there blogosphere!

I hope you haven’t given up on me completely even though I’ve totally neglected you this semester.


The truth is, I haven’t done tons of print reporting to post here because I was busy studying television, journalism ethics, and the like. But there are a few stories that I’ll be posting soon from a quick stint I did as a reporter for Centretown News. It’s a community newspaper with a huge circulation that’s run right out of my university!

I’ll also be posting a link to the community blog I’ve created called the West Wellington Word. It was created for my multimedia reporting class and I’m loving keeping it up! Unfortunately that means I have a lot of catching up to do here on my personal blog.

Also, stay tuned for posts containing some quality TV material I did that made its way on to CentretownNewsOnline!


I think I’ve said this before, but this time I really mean it. I think I’ve grown more as a journalist over the last semester than I ever have before. I think  a lot of that had to do with trying TV for the first time. It was such an emotional rollercoaster adjusting to the fast pace of television reporting, and learning how to bring a story to life visually. But I have finished the course with a real love of the medium and, to be honest, I’m not sure how radio (which I’m taking next semester) will measure up!

When I’d  find the perfect simple sentence to add to a voice over, or the perfect visual image to illustrate a story’s focus, it gave me  a feeling of pride that’s hard to explain.

I also learned how to be a producer and do line-up for a rolling 3-a-day newscast. It was an experience I’ll never forget. Not only did I have to try very hard to keep my own ball rolling, I was also juggling the stories of the entire class. I never though executive decision-making could be so hard!! But I couldn’t have done it without my awesome assignment editor Courtney Hurley. Together, we produced three great newscasts (one of which even made it to air on time!!) and we’ll have this experience with us for the rest of our careers.


I plan to be a bit more active on the (r)ave as I complete more print reporting in second semester. Also stay tuned for some possible radio clips (if I can figure out how to post them here!) Also keep an eye out for an engaging multimedia slideshow FEATURING THE WEST WELLINGTON NEIGHBORHOOD 🙂

It’s all here on the (r)ave, so thanks for reading!



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