Science+Art=Best Story Ever!!

Photo Credit: Boel Marcks von Würtemberg

Hey Folks,

Here’s an update containing a story I completed for Centretown News in my stint as a community print reporter last semester. I meant to post it over the holiday, but you know how the holidays are! I found that I personally planned way too much homework for myself, when what I really needed was rest, so I’m posting the link now.

I have to give credit for this story idea to my dear prof Randy Boswell, currently a writer for Postmedia News, who assigned me this story. I was totally fascinated by all that I learned about the world of paleontology in the process!


Let’s get one thing straight right away. I am not now, nor have I ever been, a science person. So needless to say when I got this assignment, I was a little intimidated. However, this story above all others in my career thus far has taught me the importance of a truly sacred journalistic phrase…

“Can you explain that?”

When it comes to dinosaurs and scientific discoveries, timelines and terms can get confusing. Instead of making a mistake, I double-checked when I wasn’t sure– even if it meant harassing my sources just a little bit ;).

In the course of this story I also learned the importance of being in close contact with the Museum of Nature’s media relations rep. THANKS DAN SMYTHE for answering all my calls!

Here’s the link!

Read and Enjoy!



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