Wondering where I’ve been? Wait ’till you see THIS!

Alright folks,

We all know it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on the (r)ave, but I have a good excuse! I’ve been a blogging machine over at the West Wellington Word, a site I’ve been blogging on for my multimedia journalism class at Carleton.

I learned many things while covering the small but totally hip community of West Wellington, things like…

-go to community association meetings. They are key to making contacts in any community.

-don’t forget to use people’s full names and attribute carefully. Just because you’re a blogger doesn’t mean you don’t have to uphold normal journalistic standards.

-deadline blogging is scary. Anyone from my multimedia class can attest to this.

-make sure you emphasize to every source exactly how you will be interviewing them. In one case, I didn’t make it clear enough to a source that I’d need their comments on-tape, and it cost me a very good interview.

-multimedia journalism can be just as rich, analytical, and meaningful as other forms of journalism. It just often looks and sounds prettier 🙂

Please check out http://westwellingtonword.wordpress.com/ to see my development as a community blogger.

Below is my final multimedia project, an audio-visual soundslide product on one of West Wellington’s  favourite gathering places, the West Park Bowling Centre.

Read, watch, listen, and enjoy!



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