*Newsflash #2* Summertime!

OK, so maybe it's not exactly hot enough for mojitos on the beach yet...


Well, currently, I’m sitting in a fabulous coffeehouse in Toronto called The Rooster. That’s because I live in Toronto this summer. And that’s because I landed a cool summer job working with a non-profit organization called GreenHere. I’ll be making videos for them to help them spread the word and access funding.

GreenHere does urban forestry (planting and looking after trees) in Toronto’s Davenport neighborhood. They also promote the importance of green space and work with the community to encourage eco-friendly living.

Check out their website here and stay tuned for upcoming videos produced by Yours Truly!

Since being a one-woman production team should prove to be incredibly challenging and scary, I’ll probably either blog or vlog about my experience here on the (r)ave, so stay tuned.

I’m still also working as a kid’s reporter for my school-year employers WIGUP.tv two days a week. This is probably one of the most inspirational things in my life as youth and children are my passion.

Check out my latest profile on an amazing kid here.

I’m also doing some freelance (read: volunteer) writing for a few student publications. One is the good ole Charlatan  and the other is a new and AWESOME arts and lifestyle magazine called CanCulture. It was started by a few students in my program and has already covered some amazing stories. So far this summer, I’ve covered a short film festival and profiled an incredibly hip new band out of Toronto’s indie scene, Austra.

I’ll post links to those stories pronto. So stay tuned and get ready to…

Read and enjoy!


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