*Newsflash* I’m still alive!

me and my super-awesome team from j-society's 2011 dodgeball tournament

Hello everyone,

Or maybe there’s only one person who still reads this (it’s probably my mom).

In that case, Hi mom!

Listen, I’ll be honest. I’m not a great or overly faithful blogger. And I’ve already apologized for it after falling off the wagon in the past.

So let’s skip all the sappy apologetics and cut to the chase.

This is an update. I want to tell you about what I learned in second semester, to continue this blog as a sort of online-diary/record of what I’m learning.

In my next post, I’ll tell you what the heck I’m doing with my life now.

So basically, after reading these posts, we should be all caught up.

Second Semester

The second half of third year was, as you may have noticed, ridiculously busy. I ran around like a crazy person trying to do a million things at once. I was:  learning radio reporting, writing a community blog (westwellingtonword.wordpress.com) and then doing a stint in analytical reporting. Meanwhile, I was also trying to keep things rolling as vice-president of Carleton’s Journalism Society and busy chatting with Canadian kids as a reporter for www.WIGUP.tv (my part-time job).

Holy crap. Reading that back, I’m actually pretty impressed with myself.

So here’s a quick recap of what I learned from Jan-April 2011.

I really admire people who live with “no regrets” as their mantra, but let’s be honest. That’s not me.

Here’s what I regret about second semester:

-not being able to get more people to come out to my Journalism Society fundraiser for Christopher Redmond. He and his wife are amazing and have started an organization that’s re-vitalizing Burundi one short film at a time. (Check out their website at http://www.burundifilmcenter.org/)

-not having at least one killer radio voicer. Radio was a steep learning curve for me. I feel I fit much better with TV reporting. It’s not that I didn’t like radio, or couldn’t put together a story well. I just sometimes felt I had a hard time coming up with stories that were well-suited to the medium.

-not doing more writing outside of class (besides my writing for work). I sometimes write for our student rag, The Charlatan, but didn’t really do much of that this year. I would also have liked to blog more, and maybe write for a community paper. But hey, a girl can only do so much.

HOWEVER, this semester was also a really great learning period for me. Here are the many things from second semester I’m proud of:

-how hard I worked on my final analytical feature, which you can read here: AnalyticalFeatureThirdYear

-keeping my average at a place that guaranteed my scholarship for next year.

-getting to know my classmates better, especially Ella Myers, who was in nearly all my classes.

-volunteering to be senior producer in radio even though I didn’t feel totally confident in the medium, and making split-second decisions that meant for a GREAT newscast at the end.

-starting a re-structuring process for journalism society that’s sure to make next year more productive.

-not completely losing my marbles!!

Now you need to know what I’m doing with my life! Check out the next post for details.


One thought on “*Newsflash* I’m still alive!

  1. Ella says:

    It was awesome getting to know you better too, and having you in all my classes certainly made class more fun!

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