I’m still alive, but grad school is my life.

A note to friends, family, and other contacts:

The (r)ave was inactive for a while because I was in Rwanda and blogging at HuffingtonPost Canada. 

Now it’s inactive because grad school has taken over my life.

I am now a happy (and exhausted) M.A. student in the Sociology of Education at OISE, the University of Toronto’s education school.

I know what you’re thinking — isn’t this girl a journalist? Why is she studying education?!

Ah. My friends, let me introduce you to the amazing, exciting, and relatively underappreciated world of critical media literacy.

Basically, my graduate research has to do with the way that children and young people relate to media — how they use it, influence it, and are influenced BY it. Specifically, my thesis research will revolve around how young people define  “news” and relate to that concept in the digital age.

Other things I am doing these days:

-Working as a research assistant on a project that explores social media, social movements, and feminist organizing.

-Consulting on some youth journalism resources for Plan Canada.

-(soon to be) writing some blogs for the Canadian Improv Games website.

-missing Rwanda a lot and all the folks at RadioFlashFM in Kigali.

So there you have it, that’s my life these days.

Just thought I’d update the blog to let you all know I’m back in Canada, and busy busy busy.

Keep on keepin’ on!



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