Not a New Year’s Resolution Post

Three years and a few weeks ago to this day, I typed the headline of my very first blog post.

“Good Evening, Blogosphere.”

I like remembering the me who wrote those words. Averie MacDonald — the starry-eyed, 20-year-old. The ruthless overachiever busting her butt in her second year of journalism school. The girl who felt  nauseous every time she had to pick up the phone and call a source, yet was certain she was destined to be the next great byline at the Globe and Mail or voice of CBC Radio (she still hadn’t decided which).

In many ways, I’m still that girl (whom the few followers of this blog have affectionately come to know as (r)averie).  But the things I want — my goals and aspirations — and the way I define “success”, these things have changed significantly.

(r)averie is now an adult 23.

(r)averie now lives in Toronto.

(r)averie is now a grad student.

(r)averie is about to write a thesis.

Rewind: As I finished up journalism school, I realized I wasn’t done learning. Or rather, I wasn’t done learning in school. The wonderful thing about working as a journalist is that one learns new things every day — but I was hungry for more “formal” learning. I wanted to read — really read. I wanted to think hard and long in the way that my wonderful-but-frantic journalism degree hadn’t allowed me to. And I wanted to write. I had been writing 500 – 1000 word pieces for most of my undergrad, and I got really good at that. But outside a few features and some essays for film studies classes, I felt I never had the space to really express myself. I wanted the chance to build something with the written word.

So that’s what I set out to do.

My friends, you’ve just stepped into my first draft.

…stay tuned.

— (r)averie


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