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About the blogger, Averie MacDonald:

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-I’m Averie MacDonald.

-I’m a prairie girl from Regina, Saskatchewan.

-I now live in Toronto, where I fill my lungs with pollution and my mind with valuable knowledge! I moved to Toronto to pursue my master’s in the Sociology of Education at the University of Toronto.

-I am passionate about children’s rights and ensuring young people’s voices are heard. My master’s thesis was about young Canadians’ evolving ideas about “news” as a concept.

-I’m a news junkie and did my undergraduate degree in Journalism at Carleton University. J-school was amazing. Two serious highlights include meeting my journalism idol, Nelofer Pazira, and making a documentary!

-I’m in love with Rwanda, and left half my heart in East Africa after my two-month internship at RadioFlashFM in Kigali in 2012.

-I like to surround myself with “quotes to live by” scrawled on brightly-coloured cue cards. One of my favourites is, “We make the road by walking it” (Antonio Machado). These simple words remind me that life is what you make of it, but also that our lives are “made” one step at a time.

Thanks for reading!