*Newsflash* I’m still alive!

me and my super-awesome team from j-society's 2011 dodgeball tournament

Hello everyone,

Or maybe there’s only one person who still reads this (it’s probably my mom).

In that case, Hi mom!

Listen, I’ll be honest. I’m not a great or overly faithful blogger. And I’ve already apologized for it after falling off the wagon in the past.

So let’s skip all the sappy apologetics and cut to the chase.

This is an update. I want to tell you about what I learned in second semester, to continue this blog as a sort of online-diary/record of what I’m learning.

In my next post, I’ll tell you what the heck I’m doing with my life now.

So basically, after reading these posts, we should be all caught up.

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Wondering where I’ve been? Wait ’till you see THIS!

Alright folks,

We all know it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on the (r)ave, but I have a good excuse! I’ve been a blogging machine over at the West Wellington Word, a site I’ve been blogging on for my multimedia journalism class at Carleton.

I learned many things while covering the small but totally hip community of West Wellington, things like…

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Science+Art=Best Story Ever!!

Photo Credit: Boel Marcks von Würtemberg

Hey Folks,

Here’s an update containing a story I completed for Centretown News in my stint as a community print reporter last semester. I meant to post it over the holiday, but you know how the holidays are! I found that I personally planned way too much homework for myself, when what I really needed was rest, so I’m posting the link now.

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Chilling out…Christian Style!

It was my first stint as a reporter for a real-life community newspaper. Sure I’d written for Carleton’s student paper, The Charlatan, before, but nothing could compare to this!

My article would be hitting the doorsteps of 17,000 subscribers in a matter of days, and I desperately needed an idea!

Thankfully, while combing through the back pages of the Centretown Buzz, one afternoon in October, I found an interesting ad calling young people to come and learn the art of Christian meditation.

Now, it struck me that the words “Christian” and “Meditation” seemed slightly contradictory, since meditation is often a practice of Eastern religions, like bhuddism. So I decided I’d give this intriguing practice a try and seek out a few people who might be able to explain it more fully.

And so, my web exclusive article for Centretownnewsonline was born.

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The Fabulous New World of TV

Hello Everyone!!

I know, I know, I let it happen. I let my blog fall by the wayside. It’s terrible!

But the truth is, I really haven’t had that much to post. Seeing as this blog is meant to be a showcase for my journalistic accomplishments and the journey that leads me toward them, I haven’t produced much this year that I could physically post here — until now.

Unlike last year, when I had a fresh new print story to paste here each week, this year I’ve been grappling mainly with a new medium: television!

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Prodigal Sons Documentary

Hello All!

Wow, it’s been a really long time since I’ve blogged. I was moving and trying to find a job and generally going insane, but thankfully I’m settled now and my first summer in Ottawa is off to a pretty beautiful start!

As some of you may know, one of my ultimate dreams is to work in documentary film. I want to make films about simple stuff — about regular people who have stories that really blow you away.

That’s exactly what Kimberly Reed’s award-winning personal doc Prodigal Sons is.

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